5 Jobs in Canefield (Saint Paul, DM).

Need a Land surveyor

StarOfService.com - spacer Roseau, Saint George
What kind of surveying? Foundation. Project location : Commercial. What's the scope of the project? Small. Anything else the Land surveyor should know? I need to know whether the land can be used for building or agriculture . I am not currently in Domonica therefore everything will have to be done v... [more]


karaibe immigration & Document preparation services - spacer Castle Bruce, Saint David
file documents, take telephone messages, set appointments.contacting the embasy in barbados on certain cases,client intake, also coresspondence with the national visa center in the united states ect. [more]

Need a logo designer

StarOfService.com - spacer Pointe Michel, Saint Luke
Do you have a conceptual idea for the logo(s)? I know what I want. How many logos? 3 logos. What kind of organization? Business. When do you need logo design? Saturday 31 March 2018 (31/03/2018). At what time? 05:30. For how long? 1. Where can the logo design occur? Neither (phone or Internet only... [more]

Need a florist

StarOfService.com - spacer Soufrière, Saint Mark
What's the occasion? Wedding. What kinds of arrangements? Multiple arrangements. Bouquets. Flower leis. Anything else the florist should know? Chosen colors are: white, gold, rose gold and royal blue. When do you need florist? Friday 03 August 2018 (03/08/2018). At what time? 08:00. Where can the ... [more]

Need a photo book photographer

StarOfService.com - spacer Soufrière, Saint Mark
What kind of photos do you want? Family. Children / Baby. Couple portrait. Photo shoot location? Outdoors. In what formats do you want your images? Album. What's your estimated budget for the photographer's services and images? $200-$300. When do you need photobook? Friday 03 August 2018 (03/08/20... [more]
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