5 Jobs in Grenada.

Need a Pokémon Go Master

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What's your level of playing Pokémon Go? I haven't played it yet. Where do you go Pokémon hunting? In the city. How well do you know the Pokémons? Poke-what?. Why are you interested in playing Pokémon Go? For fun. Are you ready to become the best Pokémon Go Master of all times? Yes. When do you... [more]

Need a vehicle electrician

StarOfService.com - spacer Grenada
What kind of electronics? B14 car parts . What do you need done? Repair. What kind of vehicle? Car. Anything else the vehicle electrician should know? No. When do you need vehicle electronics? Tuesday 16 October 2018 (16/10/2018). At what time? 07:00. Where can the vehicle electronics occur?... [more]

Need a Concrete Delivery Professional

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What do you need concrete for? I'm not sure. How large of an area? More than 1000 sq ft.. Location : Home. When do you need concrete delivery? Thursday 29 November 2018 (29/11/2018). At what time? 09:00. [more]

Need a Cosmetologist

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What kind of beauty care? Hair (styling, extension). Eyelash extension. Nails (manicure/pedicure). Makeup. Skin care. Would you like anything else? No other services needed. Anything else the Cosmetologist should know? Needed for ball. When do you need beautician services? Saturday 08 June 2019... [more]

Sales Manager (internship)

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Marketing Research and mailing Arrangement; Maintain and Develop business and achieve the sales goal; Sales project and client management, follow the total procedure, such as corresponse and documentation (inquiry, quotation, and contract) Coordination & Support to industrial sale and other... [more]
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