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Plastic Surgeon (#342.072.478) 

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On behalf of a private clinic in Belgium we are seeking an all-round plastic surgeon m/v fluent in English for 1 day a week

We offer
• An opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary team
• A job in a hospital with excellent facilities
• Mainly aesthetic operations as in liposuctions and breastoperations

Working conditions
• A pleasant and professional working climate
• Excellent supporting staff
• An attractive income of about €5000,- per day

Job profile
• State of the art equipment and facilities
• All-round plastic surgeon with special interest in aestheticsurgery

Your profile
• All-round specialist, well trained and knowledgeable
• Good communication and social skills
• Up to date on modern techniques

Our services
• A position suitable to your needs and profile
• A good and honest contract
• Suitable housing for you and your family
• Handling of the required documents that allow you to work and stay in the Netherlands or Belgium
• Opening a local bank account
• Advice on tax issues and insurance
• Handling of your registration as a medical doctor and/or specialist in the Netherlands or Belgium
• Objective information on living and working life in the Netherlands or Belgium

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Status van de aanstelling
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Benodigde qualificaties
Master  in Plastic Surgery
Beroeps ervaring
3 Jaar
Nederlands (Geen kennis)

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Naam van de contactpersoon
Vitaly Pryadka

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